Our Mission

Vote Better Sam's mission is to raise awareness about the destructive impact gerrymandering is having on our democracy and to motivate you to thoughtfully use your vote. We want your vote to be counted to its fullest potential and to have a greater impact on our government. 

About Gerrymandering

While you are working, studying, raising your family, and going about your life...

...politicians are quietly re-drawing boundaries to keep themselves in power and disenfranchise voters. Sometimes districts are drawn in ways that manipulate the voters' impact on elections. For a more in depth explanation watch these Youtube videos here and here. 

A Call to Young Voters

Now is the time to get involved! Politicians are writing laws and changing your voting rights in ways that will affect your life for many years to come. Use your vote to create the kind of country you want and can believe in. Fight back. Know the system. Vote Better.