College Students' Impact on Elections

The significance of college voters is not immediately apparent in elections, but college voters might be able to swing a district from one representative to another. 

Substantial research has been done in recent years, as shown in this New York Times article, on college students' voting habits. Unfortunately, many college students do not vote. College students are not taking full advantage of their constitutional right to vote or of their ability to help shape the country's government. 

I am thrilled to learn of the efforts to increase college voter turnout, as discussed in the article above. Higher college voter turnout could give a younger generation more representation in the development of our country's policies.

Vote Better Sam's goal is to increase the number of student voters and to help students make strategic choices of where to vote. But, whether students vote in their college districts or at their parents' house, it is imperative that young people vote to help shape the country they will be inheriting.

An increase in the number of college students who vote and who use their vote strategically will increase college students' influence in all types of elections.