A Call To Action

A huge thank you to all the college students who voted in Tuesday's midterms! Turnout was terrific, and we know college students did their part!

And, of course, we hope that in the next major election (it's only two years away!) even more college students will vote. Soon, I will be reporting on the statistics of college voters during last Tuesday’s election.

A Call To Action: Our next plan starts right now and You Can Help.

If you are a current student or an alumnus, please lobby your college's administration to set up voter registration booths during student orientation. As stated in previous blogs, this has proven to successfully increase student voter turnout. Colleges want to create civic-minded students, and this is one way they can help the process. Providing access to voter registration shows that the college considers civic involvement a priority.

VoteBetterSam will soon be contacting college newspaper editors across the country, asking them to write articles about providing voter registration at student orientation. We are hoping this will raise awareness of the issue.

Finally, thanks so much to The Daily Beacon, at The University of Tennessee, for writing a feature about us, and to Columbia Magazine for a shout out to us out on Twitter! We are so thankful for all of the positive feedback we've received from students and others over the past few months.

Nathan BrodieComment