We Want to Help YOU Vote Better

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Do You...

  • Feel like your vote counts less because of gerrymandering?

  • Feel that voters should choose their representatives instead of having representatives choose their voters?

  • Reside in more than one place?


You Can Fight Gerrymandering

  • Are you a College Student 'Sam,' who resides half the year at school and half at your parents' house?

  • Are you a Retired 'Sam,' who spends your winters in a different home?

  • Are you a Semi-Nomadic 'Sam,' who spends time living with family and time living near work?

If you reside in more than one place, you might be able to choose where to vote. This may make all the difference! 

(By law, 30 days is the maximum time most states can require that you live in a location in order to register to vote. Many places have even less time restriction or none at all.) 

It's 3 Easy Steps 

1. Find Your Districts: 

Go to the link below and enter your potential residential addresses. You will find out what districts you live in, who your representatives are, and what your representatives' prospects are for the next election.


2. Compare your Options:

Decide where your vote will make the most impact. For example, are you a Democrat who has the option to vote in a 'beige' swing district? Are you a Republican voter who can vote in a 'light blue' district? For which Senate race might your vote matter most? 

If you are worried about missing the deadline to register, check out the Vote.org link below to find the voter registration deadline for your state.

3. Register to Vote at the residence address where your vote will matter more: 

Click 'Register to Vote' below to register online through RockTheVote.org. (We're not affiliated with them in any way.) 

Why RockTheVote.org? They have registered more than 6 million voters and they know how!

Consider signing up to vote by mail or to vote early. Thirty-six states allow you to vote by mail without any excuse at all! That way, you’ll never miss a vote because the unexpected happened. 



To manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class.


Roll up Your Sleeves.

Do Some Research. 


Your Country needs YOU to Vote Better.  

Vote Better Sam can help.





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More Information

For College Students: If you are worried that changing your voter registration might affect your residence for scholarships, taxes, etc. (it shouldn't!), check out Campus Vote Project. Some states make it complicated to register if you use a college mailbox, but Campus Vote Project can help. Find out more by clicking their link below. 

Finally, if you want to do a deeper dive into your state, districts, or representatives, check out these three reliable, non-partisan links: